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This statement is the online privacy policy for this website. You should not access this website if you have any objections to this privacy policy.

Prevalent Devices LLC (The “Company”) respects your privacy and is committed to fair practices. For merely visiting this site, you are not asked to provide any personally identifying information.

It is common for commercial websites to track website traffic and use of the website to facilitate use of the website without matching use with personal information. For instance, it is common to log browser type, operating system, and Internet Protocol address, as well as to keep the Company informed as to which elements of the website are used more often.

When submitting an order online, you will be asked for information to process your transaction. When you order, the information we need includes your name, email address, mailing address, phone number, credit card number and expiration date. You may be asked by this company or third party vendors to provide information when filling in and submitting email or other online forms or when ordering products online or services or when registering a product. For instance, the shopping cart, order processing and e-commerce engine to which this site may be linked may be operated by a contractor to the Company. When providing such information and a credit card number, you agree that such information may be collected, transferred, stored and processed by vendors, contractors, contract parties or service providers to the Company. Such information will be shared with them for purposes such as processing credit cards or providing services. It is the Company’s expectation that such third parties will have privacy policies posted on their websites. It is anticipated that such third parties will share with the Company personal information collected from you, which information will be subject to this Company’s privacy policy. You may also be asked for information when you request online technical support.

The Company may send relevant information to you about our products, including upgrades and new products. We will endeavor to provide opt out notices for emails.

The Company does not sell or rent personal information to third parties. Except as stated above, the Company strives to make reasonable commercial efforts not to divulge your name or personal information, except in good faith in response to governmental or regulatory requests, subpoenas, warrants or to protect the rights of the Company or its contract parties. We will take reasonable precautions to protect against loss or misuse of customer information, but cannot assume any liability for security breaches. The Company will limit access to your registration information.

Of course, the Company is not responsible for privacy practices of other websites or companies, including in respect to such third party websites to which this website has links. Check on the privacy policies of any websites before using those sites.

The Company recommends that you set your browser to choose to be notified when to accept cookies. If your cookies are set to be accepted, you are consenting to have websites collect information that may identify you through storing such cookie on your computer. The Company may collect such information to track data on how this website is being used or for other similar purposes. For instance, cookies are used to enable the shopping cart and to track web traffic patterns. We will not use cookies to profile individuals, except as applicable, with respect to individuals who misuse this website.

The Company reserves the right at any time to reevaluate and change the Privacy Policy at its sole discretion to which users will be deemed to consent by further use of the site. The Company will make commercially reasonable efforts to post any such changes in Privacy Policy on this website. Check our website for changes.

Without prior written agreement from the Company, any emails sent to the company shall not be considered confidential and that Prevalent Devices LLC is free to use any concepts, techniques or ideas without any obligation whatsoever to you.

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