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The Phraze-It® Keyboard For PDA Phones

Phraze-It® is a significant advance in mobile text communication over bulky laptops and awkward keypads and thumbboards provided by cell phones and email devices. The new Phraze-It® Software on-screen keyboard transforms smart PDA phones into efficient, ergonomic and accurate text entry devices. Downloading Phraze-It® to your PDA phones provides users with a natural way to finger type directly on the screen of the PDAs for comfortable, accurate and efficient mobile messaging, emails, word processing, browsing and other text entry.

Phraze-It® technology employs a familiar alphabetical layout with far fewer keys than the QWERTY keyboard. Each on-screen key is large, designed for adult sized fingers. Initially, each of the five vowels A, E, I, O and U are displayed on its respective key in alphabetical order. To enter a vowel, just type that vowel on-screen button twice or keep your finger on that button for an instant. Each vowel has a group of consonants following it in alphabetical order (for instance the “A” is followed by B, C and D). To enter a consonant, type the vowel that precedes the desired consonant in the alphabet and then a small grouping of no more than five consonants following that vowel in alphabetical order will be displayed each on its own button for entering. For example type the letter “B” by first typing the “A” and then entering the “B”. The Phraze-It® optional Alpha Prompt provides a preview of the consonants in each alphabetical vowel grouping. Phraze-It® is learned very quickly and is easy to use. The innovative Phraze-It® keyboard also comes with keystroke reduction options and supports a number of different languages.

Additionally, Phraze-It® provides PDA phones with a large text display area for reviewing, editing and correcting text. You can easily enter numbers, commonly used symbols and punctuation found on regular computer keyboards. There is even a choice of eight comfortable keyboard layouts for one-handed and two-handed finger typing or thumbing.

With Phraze-It® loaded on your PDA phone you can enter a larger amount of text comfortably, accurately and efficiently using one-handed or two-handed text entry while on the go in places where the discomfort or inconvenience of laptops make Phraze-It® ideal. Now there is no need for hunting and pecking with your stylus, writing characters on the glass surface of your PDA, lugging an additional foldable keyboard or thumbing on tiny awkward keys.

Phraze-It® enhances the computing and communicating capabilities of PDA phones to fuel mobile texting and word processing by allowing people to type comfortably, accurately and efficiently on their PDA phones. PDA phones loaded with Phraze-It® enable people to type, edit and send letters, reports, assignments, documents, emails or instant messages while at the beach, sitting in an airplane seat or on a park bench, walking or even while sipping coffee. When you are on the go, your PDA phone loaded with Phraze-It® can become your most useful computer.

Prevalent Devices LLC benefits from patents in the area of text input technologies for mobile devices. Additional patents pending.

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