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The Phraze-It® Keyboard is a "low cost" "very useful alternative input panel(s) for the Pocket PC."

July 31, 2007 YAHOO! Tech

Text Messaging Without Typos

"mistake-proof SMS messages on a phone or PDA"

The advantage is that you can type with your finger (the thumb is more likely to suffer from repetitive stress injury) and you can type more quickly and accurately once you train yourself in this way of thinking in terms of the vowel's organization of the alphabet.

"A fun game that lets you become adept as you play is another plus."

July 31,2007 CIO

The enlarged buttons do indeed make typing with a finger or a thumb much easier. They also cut down on finger or thumb strain, so you can comfortably type for longer periods of time

June 13, 2007

QuickLook: Prevalent Devices Phraze-It Keyboard 2.0

  • Implemented as a Windows Mobile input method
  • Large keys make typing easier

It provides a great alternative to using the stylus or hardware based keyboard.

April 28, 2007

Phraze-It® Keyboard 2.0 for WM Pocket PC PDAs and Phones

  • If you do a lot of data entry, this keyboard might fit your need.
  • Type stylus free into your favorite application
  • Large on-screen keys
  • Type with your index fingers or thumbs directly on large keys on the screen of your Pocket PC
  • One-handed or two handed data entry
  • View and edit at least six lines of text you have entered
  • Full computer keyboard
  • Eight languages
  • Accurate, easy to use and comfortable
  • Type full documents, text messages and emails using your index fingers or thumbs

April 9, 2007

The Phraze-It Keyboard for Your Pocket PC

"Typing on a Windows Mobile device can be frustrating. However, with the release of the Phraze-It Keyboard from Prevalent Devices, your typing experience may improve substantially.

The Phraze-It keyboard features 15 large keys displayed on your Pocket PC's touch screen that allow you to type any letter, number or punctuation with ease. But if you are expecting a QWERTY - like devices where all of the letters are arranged as they are on a typical keyboard, think again."

February 5, 2007 Mobile Crossing

Pocket PC Tip: Looking for a finger friendly keyboard?

There is a new finger friendly on screen keyboard from Prevalent Devices. This keyboard is called Phraze-It™ and features an easy to remember multi-tap method to reduce the number of physical keys, thereby increasing their size. If you would like to use your fingers for data entry you might want to check this one out

January 2007

Make Windows Mobile More Productive

"Phraze-It . . . provides eight keyboard layouts that increase the size of on-screen buttons and text display for easier typing with one finger or two thumbs."

September 20, 2006

Phraze-It On-Screen Finger-Typing Keyboard for the Pocket PC Phone

"Thus thanks to Phraze-It on screen finger typing keyboard (whew!) one will no longer require to use a stylus and can enter text quickly and correctly. The Phraze-It keyboard is so easy that one can indulge in one hand typing and do tasks like reviewing, correcting and editing text, provides capitalization, numbers, punctuation and symbols with complete ease."

July 3, 2006 Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine

Phraze-It ® : Accurate, one finger input solution
Hal Goldstein, Publisher/Executive Editor

"It takes about one minute to learn how to use Phraze-It®.

One finger typing easy, which can be very useful when standing or in a place where you can’t put your unit down for stylus input

Bigger keys means fewer mistakes (more accurate)

I recommend Phraze-It® especially if one finger typing and accuracy are important."

"Phraze-It is the most accurate and easiest to use no matter what your physical environment."

July 3, 2006

TechnoReview: Phraze-It from Prevalent Devices

Overall, this software is an amazing tool. Everytime that I use it, I become faster and faster at text entry.

It only fills about a third of the screen, yet it has perfect thumb entry. That to me puts it over the top of any other text entry solution besides an external stowaway keyboard.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

April 18, 2006  Pocket PC Addict

From Prevalent Devices:  Revolutionary On-Screen Finger Typing

Prevalent Devices just introduced a brand new, patented technology which increases efficiency when inputting text into handheld devices.

. . . users use “full key sized access points” (vowels) to quickly, logically access a bar of predetermined consonants.

Well truth be told, the technology is actually very intuitive . . .

There is a bar of the 5 vowels in the English language: “A”, “E”, “I”, “O”, and “U” which act as access points to a set of consonants.

Touch one of the full sized vowels keys and corresponding consonant letters will be brought up.  For example: touch “A” and “B”, “C”, and “D” will all show up as a second bar; touch “E” and “F”, “G”, “H” will show.  If you take a moment, I think you’ll find it quite a brilliant and clever system. – kudos for developing Phraze-It, Prevalent!

April 18, 2006 MobiMania

Phraze-It : la nouvelle alternative dans la guerre des boutons

Le nouveau logiciel, pour Windows Mobile, de Prevalent Devices propose une nouvelle réponse au plus vieux obstacle à la mobilité, à savoir, l'input method, entre le manque de fiabilité des méthodes OCR avec stylet et les problèmes d'encombrement liés aux claviers.

La méthode est astucieuse.

… la ligne la plus basse comporte en permanence .. voyelles A E I O U, la ligne du dessus alternativement 5 groupes de consonnes : BCD , FGH, JKLMN, PQRST, VWXYZ.  Tapez sur A et la ligne BCD s'affiche, sur O et la ligne PQRST la remplace... et ainsi de suite. L'intérêt principal de la formule est qu'en sectionnant l'alphabet selon une logique évidente, elle permet de ne réserver à l'input method qu'une fraction minime de l'écran, mais qu'en même temps, les touches tactiles qui lui sont réservées sont suffisamment grandes pour êtres utilisées avec les doigts, par "tapping", sans stylet.

Prevalent Devices aurait il trouvé la réponse magique au plus vieux problème inhérent à la technologie de poche?  A l'usage, leur logiciel est très agréable. L'insertion de caractères n'est pas vraiment plus rapide que par les méthodes traditionnelles - plusieurs frappes sont nécessaires pour insérer des majuscules par exemple - , mais elle est nettement plus stable, plus confortable, et surtout plus facilement appréhendable. L'apprentissage va beaucoup, beaucoup plus vite que pour les méthodes d'OCR, et la frappe devient vite instinctive.


Phraze-It : A New Alternative in the War of the Buttons

Prevalent Devices’ new software for Windows Mobile proposes a new response to the oldest obstacle to mobility, namely the input method:  the unreliability of character recognition for writing with a stylus and the problem of on-screen keyboards’ obstruction of the screen.

Take a device with stylus entry and it is you who has to relearn how to write and much about character recognition is difficult to apprehend.  PDAs with hard keys are either as large and cumbersome as a portable computer or have Lilliputian keys for striking with a stylus.

Prevalent Devices’ method is astute.

...the bottom line of the keyboard is permanently comprised of the vowels A, E, I, O and U.   The line above displays 5 groups of consonants.  Type A and the B C D is posted, or type O and  P Q R S T is displayed and so on. dividing the alphabet by its obvious logic, it makes it possible to use only a fraction of the screen, but at the same time the keys are sufficiently large to be used by fingers without a stylus.

Striking keys with fingers is instinctive and there is no risk of losing the stylus.

Has Prevalent Devices found the magic response to the oldest inherent problem of PDA technology?  With use, their software is very pleasant, insertion of characters is not faster, but is definitely more stable, comfortable and more easily understood. The training goes much more quickly than writing into character recognition.  

April 18, 2006

The Phraze-It Game (PDA)

Loaded along with the Phraze-It On-Screen Finger Typing Keyboard, Phraze-It Game includes over fifty letter and number games . . .decoding challenges.

April 18, 2006  PocketGamer

In Phraze

If you've ever used Prevalent Devices' Phraze-It virtual keyboard you'll be pleased to learn that they're now bundling the Phraze-It game, which "includes over 1,000 puzzles consisting of vowel strings to be decoded into words and phrases. Each puzzle is presented as a string of vowels, with each vowel representing either itself or a consonant in that vowel's consonant group."

Phraze-It is available to try or buy for $23.99, and the game is obviously bundled with the app.

April 18, 2006 Pen Computing

Phraze-It now includes the Phraze-It Game

Prevalent Devices LLC announced that the Phraze-It Game is now included with each full-version download of the Phraze-It On-Screen Finger Typing Keyboard for the Pocket PC. The Phraze-It Game includes over 50 games, each with 20 increasingly challenging puzzles to decode for hours of fun. Phraze-It is a revolutionary productivity application based upon unique patented technologies consisting of keyboard layouts with adult-sized on-screen buttons for typing with your index fingers or for one-handed or two- handed thumbing.

April 4, 2006

Saisie au doigt avec Phraze-It

Prevalent Devices LLC annonce la disponibilité de Phraze-It pour Pocket PC, une solution de saisie à l’écran qui exploite un clavier logiciel offrant des touches de saisie larges et adaptées à la saisie au doigt sans sacrifier l’espace de contrôle et d’affichage du texte. Multilingue, le système gère les caractères accentués occidentaux et propose une panoplie de 8 organisations de touches.

La saisie peut se faire avec l’index ou bien à l’aide des deux pouces. Phraze-It utilise une logique de saisie lettre par lettre qui se veut intuitive et optimisée pour une saisie confortable et rapide sur nos petits écrans.

Prevalent Devices LLC announces the availability of Phraze-It for the Pocket PC, a solution entering text to the screen which offers a soft keyboard with large keys and adapted to the entry with the finger without sacrificing screen space or room for the text input area and allows for multilingual text entry. The system allows text entry in western languages and offers eight keyboard layouts.

Text entry is effected by using the index fingers or thumbs. Phraze-It allows a user to enter one letter at a time which makes it intuitive and optimizes comfortable and rapid text entry on small screens.

April 4, 2006 Mobility News - Salzburg

Mein Fazit:

“Phraze It ist eine ungewöhnliche Eingabemethode, die aber nach kurzer Eingewöhnungszeit äußerst schnell und fingerbedienbar ist. Der Ansatz des Programms erinnert ein wenig an das von Telefonen bekannte Eingabesystem. Phraze It ist eine schöne Alternative für alle, die nur ungern mit dem Stylus auf der Bildschrimtastatur tippen. Während des Tests hatte ich keine Probleme und so kann ich das Programm unbedingt empfehlen!”

My result: Phraze-It is an unusual input method, which is however after short acclimatizing time extremely fast and finger operated. The beginning of the program reminds a little of the input system well-known of telephones. Phraze-It is a beautiful alternative for all who tap only reluctantly with the stylus on the screen. During the test I did not have problems and so can I absolutely recommend the program!

hinzugefügt: April 4th 2006
Tester: Alex Januschewsky
zugehöriger Link: Phraze It

April 3, 2006

Review: Phraze-It On-Screen Keyboard

"There hasn’t been much in the way of revolutionary methods of input for handheld devices.  Most methods are centered around Qwerty keyboards or simple character recognition.  Qwerty keyboards tend to be small enough that they must be used with a stylus or large enough that they take up all the screen real estate.  And character recognizers are inaccurate at best when you write the way I do.  But Prevalent Devices has developed something new.  They call it Phraze-It and it includes big thumb-typable buttons and it still leaves plenty of screen real estate so you can see your document."

"First of all the large keys make this keyboard my favorite for using with my thumbs." 

"Because of its big keys, Phraze-It is also suitable for moving environments such as trains, buses and cars.  Unlike small Qwerty keyboards or letter recognizers, text can still be entered reliably even as your bouncing down the road or rails."

"Phraze-It also includes a puzzle game to assist the user in becoming more familiar with the keyboard.  Timeouts, layouts and colors are customizable.  Phraze-It supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, German, Swedish and Finnish."

"While I wasn’t won over by the input speeds I achieved with Phraze-It, I am impressed by the accuracy and comfort this keyboard allows.  It is innovative in its design and allows for mistake-free input while on the go.  The One-handed or two-handed, thumb input experience is quite good.  If you want a keyboard that’s big enough to use without a stylus, but still want to see what’s on your screen, Phraze-It is worth a look."

March 30, 2006

Prevalent Devices: Phraze-It

Phraze-It ist eine alternative AEIOU-Eingabemethode, die dank weniger großer Tasten auch die schnelle Bedienung mit den Fingern ermöglicht. Mir gefällt Phraze-It vom Prinzip der Eingabemethode, da ich für meine Arbeitsweise ziemlich schnell Texte eingeben kann.

Translation: Opinion. The principle of the input method pleases me, since I can enter text for my function rather fast.

March 28, 2006

Phraze-It On-Screen Typing Keyboard

March 28, 2006

Phraze-It, nouvelle méthode de saisie pour les Pocket PC sous Windows Mobile

Le programme Phraze-It est un nouveau SIP (Software Input Panel), c'est à dire une méthode de saisie qui permet de rentrer rapidement du texte à l'écran, qui est disponible pour les Pocket PC et PDAPhone sous Windows Mobile. 

March 27, 2007

Phraze-It:  il SIP che usa le vocali

Il sistema, dotato di tasti di genereose dimensioni (utilizzabili direttamente con le dita senza stilo)

March 26, 2006

Prevalent Devices LLC Introduces the New Phraze-It® On-Screen Soft Keyboard for Finger-Typing on the Pocket PC

March 25, 2006 Pocket PC Thoughts

Phraze-It Virtual Keyboard

"I could see a real use for this, especially on a device that doesn’t have a hardware keyboard." 

March 24, 2006

March 24, 2006 Windows Mobile 24/7

Phraze-It Text Entry Software

March 23, 2006


Diane Dumas'  New Product Report

March 23, 2006

Phraze-It : nouveau clavier virtuel pour Pocket PC

"Vous avez de gros doigts ou vous voulez disposer d'un clavier virtuel avec de grandes touches sur votre Pocket PC ? Phraze-It, de Prevalent Devices est fait pour vous.

Phrase-It permet de taper avec un doigt ou d'utiliser son Pocket PC comme s'il avait un clavier de type thumboard (avec les pouces)." 

March 23, 2006

Keyboard News


Phraze-It On-Screen Soft Keyboard For Finger Typing on the Pocket PC

“I think what impressed me most was the one-handed thumbing on the Phraze-It® on-screen Keyboard . . .”

March 23, 2006

Phraze-It On-Screen Soft Keyboard for Finger-Typing on the Pocket PC

March 22, 2006 Pocket PC

New Phraze-It Typing Application

March 22, 2006 Wireless Developer Network

Prevalent Devices LLC Introduces the New Phraze-It® On-Screen Soft Keyboard For Finger-Typing

March 22, 2006

Pocket PC soft keyboard uses a few large buttons

“The strategy behind Phraze-It's on-screen keyboard algorithm is based on the observation that the five vowels in the English alphabet are fairly evenly distributed, with no more than five consonants between them, “

March 21, 2006

Prevalent unveils Phraze-it on-screen soft keyboard for Pocket PC

“Prevalent Devices LLC has just introduced a new on-screen mobile productivity application called Phraze-It for text entry software for Windows Mobile Pocket PC. Phraze-It for Pocket PC incorporates a unique on-screen keyboard and input method based upon patented technology that significantly improves text entry for handheld devices.”

March 21, 2006 Mobile News

Phraze-It keyboard for Pocket PC/Phones

“The system reduces the number of on-screen keys by using a "aeiou" home row as a starting point. Tapping each brings up between three and five consonants, so that any letter is two taps away. The system provides full keyboard functionality, large typing keys and a roomy text display area.”

March 21, 2006

New Onscreen Key Entry System

"Prevalent Devices LLC announced a new on-screen keyboard that may have use on vertical market devices...."

“any letter is two taps away.”

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