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Installing Phraze-It®

Installing from a Windows™ Desktop PC:

Before beginning installation, please ensure (1) If you have a trial version, you should first uninstall the trial version before installing the full version, and (2) your Pocket PC is synced to your desktop PC via ActiveSync®. Please refer to the documentation that came with your Pocket PC for more information in ActiveSync.

Depending on the delivery method, you will have downloaded Phraze-It® from an online retailer or received a CD. If you have received Phraze-It® on a CD, please insert the disk into your Windows® desktop computer and follow on-screen instructions. Please refer to the documentation that came with the CD for additional information.

If you downloaded Phraze-It®, you should have a file named similar to “Phraze-It_Legit_PPC. Exe or Phraze-It®_Demo_PPC.exe (please note, on some computers, the file extension “exe” may not be visible. Once your Pocket PC is synced to your desktop PC, begin by running the downloaded file from your desktop PC.

You will see a screen saying: Welcome to the Phraze-It® by Prevalent Devices LLC Setup Wizard. The wizard will guide you through the installation of Phraze-It® by Prevalent Devices LLC. You should click NEXT.

You will then be prompted to accept the End-User License Agreement. If you want to use Phraze-It® you will have to click on “I Accept” the terms in the License Agreement.
Continuing, you will be prompted to install by clicking on the Next button.

Installing OTA (Over the Air) or downloading directly to your Pocket PC. If you purchased or downloaded Phraze-It® directly from your Pocket PC or Pocket PC Phone Edition, the installation on the Pocket PC should automatically begin. If not, you may need to use the File Explorer on your Pocket PC to manually install Phraze-It®. Look for the file name
“Phraze-It_Legit.ARM.CAB” or “Phraze-It_Demo.ARM.CAB”.

Please refer to the download and purchasing instructions provided with the download.

Performing the Install on the Pocket PC.

In order to install Phraze-It®, you must first agree to the terms of the End User License Agreement (EULA) by selecting “I agree”.

You will be asked if you would like to make Phraze-It® your default keyboard. Select YES. You will then see a screen: Welcome to Phraze-It®! In order to complete the installation it is highly recommended that you soft reset your device before using Phraze-It®. Press OK and use your stylus on the back of your device to soft reset.

Next, go into an application such as Pocket Word and on the bottom right of your screen you will see the Phraze-It® icon PI. Select it and the standard Phraze-It® two row keyboard with the floating numbers keyboard is ready to use with your desired application. If you want to choose another keyboard layout, please see choosing layouts.

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