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The Phraze-It® Game

By Prevalent Devices LLC

The Phraze-It® Game is fun and challenging. To play the Phraze-It® Game, select Start > Programs > Games > The Phraze-It® Game

For each level the clue
will appear:

A completed word
will appear as below:

Phraze-It® is a word puzzle game created by Prevalent Devices LLC that makes use of the Phraze-It® keyboard’s functionality to decode words and phrases. Each puzzle is presented as a string of vowels, with each vowel representing either itself or a consonant in that vowel’s consonant group. To decipher which letter the vowel represents, click the vowel on the Phraze-It® keyboard and then either:
a) click on that vowel again ( to choose that vowel) or
b) click on a consonant in that vowel’s consonant group (to choose its associated consonant)

When you select the correct letter, the vowel in the puzzle will be replaced by the correct letter, and then the next letter in the vowel string will be highlighted for you to decipher. When you complete a puzzle, the word will turn red and a brief congratulatory sound will play, and then a new puzzle will appear. To complete a game, decipher all the words and phrases in the puzzle set.

Each game consists of twenty (20) puzzles or levels.

Playable only with the Phraze-It® keyboard, the recommended keyboard layouts for the Phraze-It® Game are Portrait Premium 3 Row Keyboard, Portrait Standard 2 Row Keyboard and Landscape Standard 2 Row Keyboard. The Phraze-It® Game is designed to be played in English.

Enjoy playing The Phraze-It® Game.

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