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  1. What is Phraze-It® for PDAs?
    Answer: Phraze-It® is a familiar, consistent, simple, efficient and very intuitive keyboard and method for entering larger amounts of text comfortably, efficiently and accurately into mobile devices, using direct finger input such as finger typing or thumbing. Keyboard and method patents have been granted and additional patents are pending.

  2. Are the Phraze-It® on-screen keys really large enough for natural finger typing or thumbing?
    Answer: Yes, the Phraze-It® (soft) on-screen keys are large for adult sized fingers and thumbs. Phraze-It® enables large buttons by offering a very innovative, easy to learn method of reducing the number of buttons on the screen and displaying only one character on each button at a time.

  3. Do the on-screen buttons of Phraze-It® keyboards take up the entire display screen?
    Answer: No, the Phraze-It® application leaves a good deal of visual display space for reading and editing the text typed into the text input area.

  4. Does Phraze-It® offer the functionality of large computer keyboards?
    Answer: Yes, the Phraze-It® keyboard utilizes buttons such as shift, space,
    backspace and enter, and offers punctuation, numbers and commonly used
    symbols. For punctuation and symbols, please select the following buttons:  punc; shift and punc; shift and space; shift and backspace, or on some of the keyboards, the sym button.

  5. Can a user edit text already entered?
    Answer: Yes, the roomy visual display area containing lines of text can be edited using the space key, backspace key, or the finger or a stylus as a pointer.

  6. With which Pocket PC or Windows Mobile versions is Phraze-It® compatible?
    Answer: Pocket PC 2003
    Pocket PC 2003 Phone Edition
    Pocket PC 2003 SE
    Pocket PC 2003 SE Phone Edition
    Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2005
    Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2005 Phone Edition
    Windows Mobile 6

  7. Does Phraze-It® rely on word completion software to complete words?
    Answer: No, while some users prefer word completion, others find it annoying and requiring many corrections and therefore, Phraze-It® enables users to type very efficiently without having the device predetermine word decisions for them. Also, users do not need to scroll through word choices. If the user prefers using word completion provided by the device manufacturer, that functionality should be compatible while using Phraze-It®.

  8. Which languages does Phraze-It® offer?
    Answer: Presently Phraze-It® is offered in English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish. It is important to note that for Hebrew, users will need to load a program that is not supported by Prevalent Devices LLC.

  9. Does Phraze-It® offer punctuation and symbols of a QWERTY keyboard?
    Answer: Yes, most of the symbols and punctuation are offered.

  10. How many keyboard layouts are offered with Phraze-It® for PDAs?
    Answer: Eight keyboard layouts are offered for easy text entry and editing.

  11. Is Phraze-It® offered in both portrait and landscape modes?
    Answer: Yes, but there are a number of features that may be different for each mode.
    See the manual for your device and the Phraze-It® User Guide as to changing modes.

  12. Can Phraze-It® be used to type directly into programs like Word, Excel, Calendar, email applications, browsing and instant messaging?
    Answer: Yes, Phraze-It® is integrated into the input methods on the device and therefore compatible with applications that come with the device.

  13. Does Phraze-It® require good penmanship?
    Answer: No, Phraze-It® enables comfortable, efficient and accurate typing on the touch screen buttons of handhelds rather than handwriting.

  14. Does Phraze-It® require the user to purchase an add-on keyboard?
    Answer: No, additional hardware is not required.

  15. If my device comes with spell check, can I perform spell check while
    using Phraze-It®?
    Answer: Yes. Phraze-It® should be compatible.

  16. In what ways can a person enter text using Phraze-It®?
    Answer: One-handed and two-handed methods, typing and thumbing and right-handed and left-handed methods are offered by the Phraze-It® application. When typing, a person may use one or more fingers and when thumbing, the user may choose to enter text with one or both thumbs. Also, users may prefer entering text using one index finger or for two finger typists, using two index fingers.

  17. Can I type urls and email addresses with Phraze-It®?
    Answer: Yes, the Phraze-It® application enables easy entry of urls and email addresses along with other symbols and characters.

  18. Is the company planning to provide Phraze-It® on any other devices, operating systems or form factors?
    Answer: Yes.

  19. What do I do if I have lost my registration code?
    Answer: Please contact the vendor directly from whom you purchased the application.

  20. What is the difference between the trial version and the full version?
    Answer: The trial version may not have all of the keyboards or functionality of the full version and at the expiration of the trial version, its functionality will be disabled. Also, the full version comes with over fifty Phraze-It® games, each with twenty puzzles.

  21. I used the trial version. How do I purchase the full version of Phraze-It®?
    Answer: First uninstall the trial version. Order the full version of Phraze-It®.

  22. What is your upgrade policy for the Phraze-It® application?
    Answer: You will be entitled to upgrade within the same version number for free. Future upgrades with different version numbers will be upgradeable for a fee. The company reserves the right to make changes to its upgrade policy at any time.

  23. Will Phraze-It® work with third party programs?
    Answer: Phraze-It® has been tested with a limited number of third-party programs and has been shown to work with them. However, Prevalent Devices LLC cannot assume responsibility or liability for integration, compatibility, data loss or any other impact on software, applications or hardware.

  24. How do I install Phraze-It®?
    Answer: Please see User Guide or follow the instructions during download.

  25. How do I choose my favorite Phraze-It® keyboard?
    Answer: When it is desirable to change from one Portrait keyboard to another, simply go to Settings > Input > Phraze-It® and to Options to choose a Portrait keyboard. After choosing, make sure to click on the up arrow at the bottom right of your display screen. For changing between Portrait and Landscape modes, refer to your device’s manual.

  26. How do I configure the settings of Phraze-It®?
    Answer: Go to Start > Settings.

  27. Can I go to Options directly from my Phraze-It® keyboard?
    Answer: Yes, type on the Menu button and it will take you to Options.

  28. What is the Alpha Prompt?
    Answer: The Alpha Prompt is an optional line displayed above certain keyboards showing the alphabet to assist novice users to remember which consonants are following which vowels. To load or remove the Alpha Prompt, just go to Settings > Options, and check the box to enable the Alpha Prompt or uncheck the box when you no longer want to have it displayed.

  29. Can I customize my keyboards?
    Answer: Yes, there are a number of cool customized choices offered to suit personal preferences. Go to Settings, Options and Customize for button styles and colors.

  30. Do I have the option of hearing or turning off the audible feedback?
    Answer: Yes. Go to Settings and Customize. Check the box if you want to receive audible feedback for keystrokes. Uncheck if you do not want audible feedback.

  31. How do I switch languages?
    Answer: From the Phraze-It® keyboard, go to Menu and then to the Language button and you will be prompted. You will need to click on the up button on the task bar at the bottom right of your display screen and then choose Phraze-It®.

  32. In the Standard keyboard in Portrait mode, how do I display or hide the numbers keyboard and move the floating numbers keyboard?
    Answer: In the two line Standard Portrait keyboard, there is a button that rests above the two line keyboard that can be used to display or hide the numbers keys. The floating numbers keyboard can be dragged using a finger or stylus.

  33. Can the Phraze-It® keyboard be used with functions such as underline or bold?
    Answer: Yes.

  34. How do I hide or display the Phraze-It® keyboards?
    Answer: Look for the PI symbol at the bottom of the display screen and click on it to hide or display the Phraze-It® keyboard.

  35. For accessibility, which Phraze-It® keyboard layouts have the largest keys for finger typing or thumbing?
    Answer: Phraze-It® optimizes the size of keys on every keyboard for finger typing or thumbing with adult size fingers to provide comfortable, efficient and accurate text entry. The keyboard layout with the largest keys is the Standard Keyboard in the Landscape Mode.

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