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We invented the term Correlactive® to describe the exciting media and content and innovative technologies that will replace interacting with only a single screen device. We believe that a Correlactive® revolution will provide personalized information, media and content including text, audio and video to enhance our productivity, education and enjoyment of leisure activities. The emergence of ubiquitous networked devices having display screens will replace the limitations of single-screen interactivity with Correlactive® technologies. Correlactive® technologies, applications, content, hardware, software and media will emerge for providing information, text, graphics, animation, data and other media, and for mentoring on a second screen device correlated, relevant and/or related to the information, data, media or content on the first display screen device.

Users will interface with more than one display screen device, each of which is connected and interfacing with at least one other networked display screen device and/or the Internet. Utilizing more than one networked display screen device, users will seek, receive and retrieve video, audio, text, graphics, programming and other content on one display device correlated with the information on the other display screen device without interfering with the content on the first display screen device. Correlactive® display screen devices remove the information bottleneck inherent in interactions with a single display screen device.

Simultaneous viewing and interfacing with at least two Correlactive® display screen devices that are networked and interfacing with each other opens up a world of possibilities for retrieving, receiving, streaming and sending related, correlated and complementary information valuable to users, in such areas as education, mentoring, training, interactive video games, video entertainment, sports programming, game shows, subscription media, and home shopping, to name a few. The networking of intercommunicating devices at home, in the office and in an increased number of public settings will cause numerous Correlactive® technologies to emerge for devices such as digital enhanced televisions, PDAs, computers, Web tablets, Web enabled phones, digital remote controls with display screens, game devices, digital training and avionic devices and a host of other multimedia display screen devices. Included in such technologies are methods of communicating with and among such networked Correlactive® devices. Phraze-It® is a Correlactive® technology.

A patent has been issued for an Interactive Video and Audio Display System. Patents also cover the company’s Phraze-It® technologies for the rapid entry of data upon handheld devices. Additional patents are pending.

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