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Choosing Your Preferred Phraze-It® Keyboard Layouts

Phraze-It® text entry software provides you with a choice of eight (8) keyboard layouts for typing on the touch screen of your PDA to enhance your comfort, accuracy and productivity. Having the choice of eight keyboard layouts also lets you enjoy entering text efficiently with your preferred style of typing or thumbing. You will soon develop your individual style for entering one-handed or two handed into your device. Whether you are right-handed or left-handed or prefer entering with one hand or two, you will find Phraze-It® keyboard layouts that support entering text with one index finger or two, index finger and middle finger, or with one thumb or two thumbs to suit your preference. Whether you are at a desk, sitting on a park bench, standing in line, sitting on an airplane or train, relaxing in front of your TV, lounging near the pool, drinking a cup of coffee or leaning against a tree, Phraze-It® helps you get the most out of your mobile and wireless applications when you are using your Pocket PC.

Portrait Mode For Pocket PC

Premium Keyboard

Two Row Standard Keyboard with Numbers Keys Shown

Additional Keyboard Layouts – Portrait

Vertical Right Keyboard

Vertical Left Keyboard

Vertical Thumbing Keyboard for Two Handed Thumbing

Landscape Mode for Pocket PC

Standard Keyboard
Layout – Landscape

Right Keyboard Layout

Left Keyboard Layout

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