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Prevalent Devices LLC is dedicated to creating innovative products and patented technologies. Correlactive® technologies empower people to create, enter, communicate and obtain relevant information with intercommunicating devices. Prevalent Devices LLC creates technologies, applications and interfaces applicable to a wide range of devices, platforms, operating systems and form factors that make human interface with such devices simple, easy to learn, easy to use, standard, familiar, intuitive, efficient, accurate and satisfying. The mission of Prevalent Devices LLC is to support people in both the performance of their desired tasks using devices that are becoming increasingly pervasive and important to modern life, and in the enjoyment of their leisure and entertainment activities associated with the use of such devices.

To that end, Prevalent Devices LLC pursues innovations and intellectual property rights to protect such innovations. The company benefits from copyrights and key strategic patents in the areas of rapid and accurate entry of text and other Correlactive® technologies.

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