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About Phraze-It® On-Screen Typing Keyboard Software

by Prevalent Devices LLC

The Phraze-It® Premium Keyboard – Portrait Mode

Phraze-It® is a breakthrough on-screen keyboard application that enables comfortable finger-typing or thumbing text entry and editing on large, adult-sized touch screen buttons on your Windows Mobile™ Pocket PC™. The Phraze-It® soft keyboard significantly improves text entry and mobile productivity by enabling comfortable and efficient finger typing of a lot of text, and easy correcting and editing. A choice of eight keyboard layouts also offer mobile typing and one-handed or two-handed thumbing input to enhance the mobile user experience.

Designed by Prevalent Devices LLC and based upon patented technologies, Phraze-It® software optimizes the size of both the on-screen typing keys and the visual display space to let you see and edit lines of text you have typed. This unique mobile productivity software embodies the vision of bringing to handheld display screen devices, an easy to use on-screen keyboard that is accurate, efficient, comfortable, intuitive and quickly learned. Phraze-It® retains the capabilities of, but is more intuitive than, QWERTY keyboards that do not translate well to handhelds. Now, there is no need for hunting and pecking with a stylus to find tiny, densely packed keys on your PDA or to write characters on a glass surface of your PDA screen or for lugging a laptop or an additional folding keyboard. Phraze-It® also provides freedom from awkward thumbing boards. Phraze-It® for the Pocket PC enables users to optimally type or thumb text entry for messaging, emails, word processing documents, browsers and other full text entry needs.

The Phraze-It® Standard Keyboard in Portrait Mode

Some of the Features of the Phraze-It® Keyboard

Large on-screen keys for easy and accurate text entry by adult-sized fingers

Finger-tip typing or thumbing - also great for two finger typists

Optimized visual display area for seeing and editing text that has been entered

One-handed or two-handed alphanumeric text entry on the go

Reduced number of keys optimized for a PDA in a familiar order designed for efficient text entry and editing on mobile devices

One letter per key at a time for ease and intuitive entry

Easy to use, intuitive and familiar layout – Familiar as AEIOU™

Choice of eight (8) alternative keyboard layouts for comfort and ease of use for efficient mobile typing or thumbing text entry in Portrait and Landscape modes.

Functionality of a full-sized computer QWERTY keyboard, including:

  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Punctuation
  • Capitalization
  • Keyboard Symbols, including:
    • Email addresses
    • Web browsing (url) symbols
    • Currencies
    • Space, Backspace, Enter, Shift

Multilingual Support – English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew*, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.
*Hebrew requires loading third-party localization software for basic Hebrew support to install characters. (See User’s Guide).

Compatible with Pocket PC 2003, Pocket PC 2003 Phone Edition, Pocket PC 2003 SE, Pocket PC 2003 SE Phone Edition, Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2005 and Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2005 Phone Edition, Windows Mobile 6.

Integrates with programs that come with the Windows Mobile Pocket PC.

Ideal for word processing lengthy documents (memos, reports, letters,
homework, forms, etc.) and for mobile messaging, emails, browsing and other mobile text entry applications.

Great productivity tool for Pocket PC PDA phones with Broadband.

Customizable in different keyboard layouts, colors, button styles and timeouts.

The Phraze-It® Game is a fun game for decoding word puzzles while testing your score against par.

Familiar and Intuitive Keyboard

Phraze-It® is Familiar as AEIOU™

Notice that the alphabet begins with a vowel and that each vowel in the alphabet is followed by no more than five (5) consonants.

  1. Type the letter “A” to display the letters that immediately follow.
    Available for typing: A, B, C and D
  2. Typing the letter “E” displays the letters that immediately follow.
    Available for typing: E, F, G and H
  3. Typing the letter “I” displays the letters that immediately follow.
    Available for typing: I, J, K, L, M and N
  4. Type the letter “O” to display the letters that immediately follow.
    Available for typing: O, P, Q, R, S and T.
  5. Typing the letter “U” displays the letters that immediately follow.
    Available for typing: U, V, W, X, Y and Z.

Using Phraze-It® for Pocket PC

Phraze-It® was specially invented to optimize text entry and editing on handheld devices using a small number of easily-typed large buttons in a familiar order. It’s simple to use. The desired key is very easy to find and reach, thereby engendering automaticity in typing. We all know the five vowels A, E, I, O and U. The Phraze-It® keyboard initially displays these five vowels in their familiar alphabetical sequence. When you press a vowel key, that vowel is displayed with the small group of consonants that immediately follow the selected vowel in alphabetical order. It is a small group of vowels because there are no more than five consonants in each vowel group. Select the desired letter to enter it into your display screen. Take a look at the AlphaPrompt below and notice that all consonants in the alphabet are preceded by a vowel.

Alpha Prompt

Notice the Alpha Prompt above the keyboard shown.






The letter “B” is preceded by “A”. The letter “G” is preceded by “E” and so forth.

Typing Vowels
Using Phraze-It®, you only need to type any vowel button twice to enter that vowel.

Typing Consonants
To enter a consonant, just type its preceding vowel first and then type the consonant. For instance,

Type A and B for the letter


Type E and G for the letter


Type I and M for the


Type O and R for the letter


Type U and V for the letter


The patented Phraze-It® method is very easy to use and intuitive because it is already familiar. You can rapidly associate any consonant with its preceding vowel to enable very efficient and accurate typing. With minimal practice, thinking of “M” as I – M or “R” as O-R becomes automatic.

Typing Words
Easily enter a word such as “cheers”

First Keystroke

Second Keystroke













See our Phraze-It® Virtual Tour

Typing Numbers
Entering numerals is just as intuitive. With the 0 button and 5 button, all single digit numerals can be easily entered. Notice that the numerals following 0 are 1, 2, 3, and 4, while the numerals following 5 are 6, 7, 8, and 9. To enter a 0 or 5 just type that button twice. For the number 3 simply type 0 and then 3, and for the number 7, type the 5 and then the 7.

Type a 0 on the premium keyboard and the 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 are displayed.

On the standard keyboard, the numbers buttons can be displayed or hidden.

Additional Phraze-It® Keyboard Layouts:

Additional Portrait Mode Vertical Keyboards:

Vertical Right Keyboard Layout

A Three Column Layout

Vertical Left Keyboard Layout
(May be preferred by left-handed users)

A Three Column Layout

Vertical Thumbing Layout
(For users preferring two-handed thumbing)

A Three Column Layout

Additional Landscape Mode Keyboards

Standard 2-Row Keyboard

Extra Wide Landscape Mode Buttons
And Optional Hide/Display Numbers Keys

Right-Handed Mode

Seven Buttons Across

Left-Handed Mode

Seven Buttons Across

One-Handed Keyboard Layouts
Many of the Keyboard Layouts are designed to facilitate one-handed text entry.

Reduced Keystrokes
Phraze-It® comes with methods to reduce the number of keystrokes to fewer than two.
Any vowel can be entered using only one keystroke by holding down that vowel key. You can change the settings to timeout mode so that multiple consonants from the same vowel set may be entered without first typing their respective vowels. See the manual for how to reduce keystrokes.

Phraze-It® for PDAs is break-through mobile productivity software from Prevalent Devices LLC that enables finger-tip typing and thumbing on a small number of large on-screen keys for highly effective text entry and editing on handheld devices. Many users prefer to type rather than write text. The innovative Phraze-It® finger-typing or thumbing text entry method enhances the functionality of your PDA by unlocking text entry and editing capabilities to significantly increase the productivity of your device and to transform your already powerful PDA into a mobile handheld personal computer.

Phraze-It® and The Phraze-It® Game
created and designed
by Prevalent Devices LLC

© 2006 Prevalent Devices LLC
All Rights Reserved

Technologies of Prevalent Devices LLC
are protected by copyrights and patents.
Additional patents pending.
Phraze-It® is a Correlactive® technology.

Phraze-It® software and The Phraze-It® Game are protected
by United States and international copyright laws.

Pocket PC and Windows Mobile are trademarks of Microsoft.
All trademarks are owned by their respective companies.

© 2006 Prevalent Devices LLC
All Rights Reserved

Phraze-it® and Correlactive® are trademarks of Prevalent Devices LLC.
All other trademarks and logos are the trademarks of their respective owners.

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