The Phraze-It® Keyboard for Pocket PC

The Phraze-It® Keyboard 2.0 For Windows Mobile® 6, 5 and 2003 versions Pocket PC PDAs and Phones

The Phraze-It® Keyboard 2.0 for Windows Mobile® 6, 5 and 2003 versions Pocket PC PDAs and Phones

  • Type stylus-free into your favorite applications
  • Large on-screen keys
  • Type with your index fingers or thumbs directly on large keys on the screen of your Pocket PC
  • One-handed and two-handed data entry
  • View and edit six lines of text you have entered
  • Full computer keyboard
  • Eight languages
  • Accurate, easy to use, and comfortable
  • Type full documents, text messages and emails using your index fingers or thumbs.
  • Convenient mobile productivity
  • Leave your laptop at home
  • Great for mobile professionals
  • Patented input method

The Phraze-It® Game

  • Over 1,000 fun and challenging word puzzles created for the Phraze-It® Keyboard
  • Bundled with the Phraze-It® Keyboard
  • If you love crossword puzzles or Sudoku, you will love The Phraze-It® Game

Company News

Chris Hill
Group Product Manager
Microsoft Corp.

"We are excited to see application partners like Prevalent Devices harness the power of Windows Mobile to create innovative choices for interacting and inputting information into mobile devices." Read More

Hal Goldstein
Executive Editor and Publisher
Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine

"It takes about one minute to learn how
to use Phraze-It."

"The large keys make it easy to type directly on the screen using your fingers. You don't have to use a stylus." 

"I especially recommend Phraze-It if intuitive one finger typing, the ability to enter text directly on screen, or accuracy are important to you."

"Phraze-It is the most accurate and easiest to use no matter what your physical environment."

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The Phraze-It Keyboard 2.0

Stylus-free Typing and Thumbing Directly
On the Screen of your Windows Mobile® Pocket PC

  • Windows Mobile 6
  • Windows Mobile 5
  • Pocket PC 2003, 2003SE, 2003 Phone Edition, 2003 SE Phone Edition
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One-handed thumbing on the Phraze-It® on-screen Keyboard.


Typing on the Phraze-It® on-screen Keyboard of your PDA

More About Phraze-It®

The Phraze-It® Game

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